For those of you who are readers of my original blog, perhaps you know that I first started blogging in 2007. For a while, I was posting quite frequently. I loved writing about the science of fertility. I added some posts about my life philosophies as well. Then my posts started getting less frequent for several reasons. The initial excitement for me was declining, as is universally true for most new projects. Also, I had more fun new things in my life that cut into the blogging time. The final reason was my discovering what my fellow physician bloggers were sharing about some of the dangers from over-regulation of medical blogs. They got me a bit concerned about how careful we have to be. There were issues about patient privacy, issues about giving medical advice and issues about separating blogging from self-marketing. It’s because of this third item that I was inspired to start this column.

In that original blog, I write for fun, to help educate and entertain the world and as a outlet for my authentic opinions. At first, I deliberately chose NOT to include my name, my practice name or any other specific identifying information on that blog in order to dispel any suspicion that I was writing it as some marketing ploy. Now that three years have passed, I’ve learned to be more relaxed about the whole thing. I’ve gotten more than enough feedback from readers to know that the site has succeeded in being an unintrusive source of helpful information. I eventually made the decision to reveal my identity on that other site. However, it’s STILL not going to be used to promote our practice nor to brag about the things that I think makes our program great. It’s also not going to include specific intimate things that are primarily of interest only to our own patients. That’s what this site is for!

So, in keeping with my philosophy of giving people options and letting them make their own choices, I now have two sites. You are welcome to leisurely browse through this site to keep up on our practice, to visit the other site for posts that are more of interest to the general public or to hop back and forth between the two! See you around!

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