We are ready to get professional help. What is the next step?

Today, more than ever, you have greater power in making choices.

Granted, we live in an age of marketing where every business that is competing for our attention has learned to say the right thing. When you call customer support and hear a recording say “Your business is very important to us…” while proceeding to put you on hold for a long time, you have just witnessed the old approach at work. As you, the consumer, become wiser, this old method of marketing based on words and claims works less and less. And that’s the way it should be. All businesses would like to claim they give you the best possible expert, compassionate, individualized, quality care. But remember that ultimately, YOU are the final judge of what constitutes expert, compassionate, individualized, quality fertility care as opposed to someone’s empty promises.

As a guide for things to consider, are the following important to you?

Compare the cheerfulness and attention in how your physician and staff communicate with you.
(We like to think that we excel in this, but YOU be the judge of this. Don’t just take anybody’s word when they promise this)
Very important, compare how promptly your communications and phone calls are handled.
(FYI, our internal polls show that over 75% of our phone calls for our existing patients are answered in person the first time and taken care of. At unavoidable peak times, when calls end up going to voice mail, 80% are returned in under an hour and 99% returned within three hours. The doctor is available for urgent questions and matters 24/7)
Compare how long you sit in the waiting room before being taken care of.
(Our internal study shows weekday waiting room times averaging less than 10 minutes for those who arrive at their appointed time! Weekend waiting times are longer because we need to see more patients in shorter time, but still do not exceed an average of 45 minutes)
Compare how your time and convenience are valued.
(Parking is fast and convenient and always free of charge to you. There are other small details that will convince you that we care about the value of your time, but we trust you will discover these on your own, especially if you have experienced things differently elsewhere)
Compare the consistency of who directly cares for you.
Over 99% of your ultrasounds, inseminations, egg retrievals and embryo transfers are performed directly by Dr. Lee.

My team and I absolutely live by the principle that we need to earn your trust by our actions, not just by words. We invite you to try our approach, not as a favor to us, but because you deserve the chance to witness for yourself as we EARN your choice. So while we hope that you are happy with your current situation, whether you are trying on your own or you are already working with another quality fertility program, in case you are not 100% satisfied, we would also like to make it easy for you to explore the differences with us. Click here to learn how we are doing this.

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